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International Beauty Academy
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Cosmetology offers many career opportunities
for both men and women. It allows you to meet people and express your creativity.

The time and financial investment is minimal compared to the return that may be experienced as a successful hair designer.

By providing quality workmanship, a hair designer can build a customer base that insures a steady and lasting income.

A career in Cosmetology offers both part time and full time employment. Job opportunities are plentiful. Versatile opportunities can be found in summer and winter resorts, cruise ships and government bases at home and abroad.


An introduction to the school and the 1500 hours cosmetology program will be given. Topics covered include school policies, course overviews, class assignments, supervision and grounds for dismissal. Graduation requirements including record keeping, attendance and tardiness, and the final examination will also be reviewed.

 After the introduction, the evolution of Cosmetology from antiquity to today will be reviewed.  Students will learn why appropriate personal behavior, maintaining a professional image and having good communications with customers and co-workers are important for a hair stylist to have a successful career. Career opportunities in the hair industry will also be discussed. 

Students will learn the regulations that pertain to infection control, how to prevent infection, disinfections and precaution procedures. Human body anatomy will be studied including cells, tissues organs and body systems but the main focus of study is given to hair structure, chemical composition, analysis, growth, loss and disorder of hair and to nails, natural nail, nail anatomy and growing nails. In addition, chemistry and electricity basics will be covered.  

This first part of the hair care course is focused on hair design, harmony between hairstyle and facial shapes and hair designing for women, men and children.   Haircutting, hairstyling, braiding, extensions, working with hairpieces and wigs will be taught.  The second part of the hair care course teaches hair coloring including special effects in hair coloring. Shampooing, rinsing and conditioning is also covered.

Skin care course includes skin diseases and disorders, hair removal, facials with skin care products, facial massage and treatments.
Makeup and makeup products form also part of skin care.

Nail care covers nail disorders and diseases, manicure, acrylic nails, nail tips and pedicure.


This section helps to prepare the student for their new career in the hair industry.  Topics covered include how to fill out an job application for hair stylist employment and what you need to know to own and manage a beauty salon.


During the last week of the cosmetology program, teacher and students review all exam subjects and state board preparation.