Our French Wrinkles De-Stress Care Product which is a part of our New French Anti-Age Line of Products (More products coming soon).
Our stress wrinkle treatment is the most popular product in our Botox-Like anti-aging line.
The product contains Calmosensine ™ which is a powerful patented natural peptide which increases by 66% the natural production of endorphins, the famous "molecules of happiness".
During each application, this treatment which contains the first cosmetic active ingredient will act as a messenger of muscle relaxation. This powerful natural peptide prevents the contraction of the muscles responsible for the appearance of expression lines and provides a relaxing effect on the skin, similar to the botox effect.

REVIEW from Aurea Franklin
Paulette de Paris is a wonderful beauty salon. I discovered the wonderful Wrinkle de-stress care product!! Wrinkle de-stress care works well on my skin. I have been getting so many compliments since I have been using this product. The process is really simple. I cleanse my face, dry it, and then apply the Wrinkle de-stress care with my small finger and Voila!! It doesn't take much and it works!! It's that simple!! I feel the glow, revitalization, and totally refreshed with the product. More so, it takes effect instantly. One day, my lips were cracking. I have applied lip balms and other kinds of products but didn't work. And then I tried Wrinkle de-stress care. If it works on my face, it would also work on my lips, right? So I tried and Wow!! My lips were renewed and did not crack all day and without even re-applying the product on it. All day... can you believe it? All it took is small drip of Wrinkle de-stress care and it solved my problem. Now I walk with more confidence knowing that my skin is glowing. I don't even put lipstick anymore. What a great product. I look and feel young, and what a renewal. I highly recommend Paulette de Paris Wrinkle de-stress care product to others!!

REVIEW from Francesca

I LOVE the beauty product Wrinkles De-Stress Care. It is so worth the price. In fact, it is cheaper than some of the name brand products found in department stores. I'm 70 years old and I don't expect miracles but this product has helped my skin to look softer and less wrinkly. Even the frown lines seem to have soften a bit. I highly recommend this product to everyone especially if you have mature skin. I will keep using and buying this product as long as it is in stock at the salon.

REVIEW from Aurora D

    I love this product. It’s helping me clear some spots and my skin is getting clearer and smoother with the wrinkles slowly disappearing. Thank you Paulette des Paris for this amazing product..