Shay Le

LOVED this place! I visited their skincare department to hopefully remedy years of acne. Not only are the students and teachers super informative, they're also very friendly and treated me with so much extra love and care. They all went to extra lengths to make sure I got the skincare I needed and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. It's been about half a hear since I started following Madame Paulette's day and night treatment and my skin looks SO much better!

Christine Hansen

I went on March 28th to get a perm. I called on Monday and they were able to get me an appointment for Thursday. They are located in an office building in the Tyson’s Corner area. When you walk in, you feel like you’re in a spa. There was beautiful classical music playing, a sofa to sit on, beautiful artwork, a computer monitor showing a flowing waterfall, etc. Sam welcomed me and let Paulette know I was here. Soon after, the student who was going to do my perm and cut arrived. Her name was Esther. I had a great experience! Paulette was on hand for any questions I had and popped in regularly to check in. I was concerned that my hair was too short in a few places to wrap around the perm rods, but they were able to wrap all the hair. I was very pleased with how my hair turned out. I was even more pleased with the price. When I paid, Sam gave me a coupon for $10 off my perm. Then he showed me around the academy and I met some of the students. This is a small beauty school with lots of one on one teaching and small group teaching. Paulette is a master at her craft and I highly recommend her and her students.

Ramina Rouhani

This place is beyond amazing, the students specially the owner she’s such a sweetheart and honest. My hair was very damaged bad blonde I went to Hair Cuttery in Vienna I had the hair master promising me she will turn my hair platinum blonde she only damaged my hair and turned it to orange blonde. After I went to Paulette de Paris and she turned my hair platinum blonde and my hair didn’t fall I will never go to another salon because their work is magic.

Nicole H

 Yesterday

Paulette is an amazing aesthetician! I've been going to some of NoVA's top salons for the past several years now and have never been more impressed with my results! It's clear that Paulette genuinely cares about the happiness of her customers as well as her students' growth. She uses top of the line products in addition to what she brings back from her frequent trips back to Paris, her place of origin. Not only does Paulette have a good eye and is able to tailor your haircut to your specific face shape, but she's an amazing colorist!! My photo speaks for itself! Before the appointment, my hair was an ugly dark brown that looked very flat. Now there's so much dimension to my hair - the added color is subtle and blends very well. Thank you Paulette!

This is my very first time writing a review on Yelp, and believe me that is a big thing because I rarely write any reviews.  I'm doing so because I'm extremely satisfied with Paulette of Paulett de Paris International Beauty School in Vienna, Northern Virginia.  I met Paulette about 7 to 8 years ago when I went to have my hair done at ULTA in Woodbridge, Virginia.  The salon manager at ULTa assigned me to Paulette.  Paulette took care of me in the most extreme professional as well as personal way.  I was so pleased and happy with the way she did my hair that I've never gone back to anyone else.  I've followed Paulette everywhere even when she moved from Northern Virginia to Richmond and even though it took almost a day travelling to and from Richmond.  I was so happy that she moved back to our area.  My har is nice and thick and healthy because of Paulette. She recently opened an Academy where she teaches cosmetology and she's a great teacher.  She will give you all her knowledge unlike other schools who will hold back their knowledge and only teach the basics.  She is a very talented and gifted person.  I highly recommend you give her a try, whether to learn hair or facial, or have her as your hair stylist or having a facial.   She is the best and top of her class.

Catherine C


I thought Paulette is the best there is.  I could share you my success story with Paulette.  A friend of mine had been trying to introduce me to Paulette.  I kept saying no for two months.  But thank God, my friend did not give up on me.

My friend knew what my hair problem was.  I had dry and thin hair.  I always have worn wigs and all...  I was embarrassed that my boyfriend had to comment about my dry hair.  I told myself I need to do something with my hair... and God heard my prayers.

One day, my friend has finally convinced me to go with her and all I was supposed to do was watch.  So, I met Paulette.  Girl oh girl, did I ever want to go back to my old hair stylist?  NOPE!!!  Paulette knew what to do with my hair the first time she saw me.  Geeez.... how excellent is that? First I had extensions, about four months.  It was part of my hair treatment.  Now I am wearing my own, natural hair!!  YES!!  You should see me now... no wigs, no hair extensions!!!!  I can even have Paulette color it with no problem!!

Do I sound excited?  You bet.  You ought to give her a try.  You will never want to go back to your old you.  Paulette will take care of you and your hair, and will change your life forever to better!!!

It's been two years now that I have known Paulette.  She asks me where these plenty of hair has been coming from.  I kept telling her it's coming from God through Paulette and we both praise the Lord.  She has changed my life.  She has made my hair shiny, bountifully beautiful, healthy, strong and really, really, really wonderful!!!  

Well, that's what everybody tells me every time I see Paulette.  My thoughts are genuine and coming from the heart.  Paulette is GREAT!!!  I highly recommend you give her a try!!  Not only that.... she has a new international academy in Vienna (near Tyson's) and you ought to really see this wonderful lady!  She is VERY PROFESSIONAL and VERY GOOD AT WHAT SHE DOES....  she is TOPS!!!  GO SEE HER NOW and tell me the miracle she did with your hair.  No kidding, no BS.  Go see Paulette now.

Thanks for reading this and may God touch your life through Paulette.



I haven't "yelped" on yelp in some time but I felt compelled to write a review today about Paulette de Paris.  Paulette is just an incredible hair stylist and person.  I've seen the styles of hair shes done and feel as if she's the best in the business.  She's very knowledgeable and just a genuinely good person, so much that I've found a way to hack into my old yelp account, reset my password and log in to promote Paulette and what an incredible job she does.  If you're interested in getting an elegant hairstyle, impeccable service and competitive rates than look no further, you're bound to leave with the utmost confidence and satisfaction.  If you're interested in attending cosmetology school this is the place to go!  You'll get the attention you deserve that no other school can offer.  Her number one priority is to absolutely ensure your success.  She will make sure your goals are met and your dream job becomes your reality.

I've been pleasantly surprised with the haircuts I get here. Paulette is amazing, highly experienced stylist. Sandy S

Love my haircuts from Paulette!  The best cut I've had since moving to Arlington 3 years ago.  It keeps it's shape and grows in well, and is very easy to take care of. Georgia R

Truly excellent--and a hidden gem in NoVA! I rarely give an establishment 5 stars, but I was really impressed with this place--really more so with Paulette herself, whose warmth and classy personality permeates the place ! I first came to this salon a few weeks ago and have since been back a few times for different hair treatments. She got my color right--perfect, in fact--the first time and has consistently done so. She is a true professional who knows her craft well, and it shows. She listens to her clients and is truly interested in giving them the look they want (not the look that the colorist wants, which is so often the case in many other salons!) and making them feel beautiful. I've also referred many friends here--something I also very selectively do. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of more "hip" (and pricey) places, but I think i't s a great value--My hair looks great and I feel the prices are fair. Highly recommended.

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