The success story of our first licensed cosmetology student

Hi, my name is Heart Tran,  I am now a cosmetologist. I went to Paulette de Paris International Beauty Academy in Vienna, near to Tyson's Corner Shopping Mall. This is my testimonial after being out of beauty school. 

To those who want to know the honestly truth, please pay attention carefully. 

My teacher is a professional stylist from Paris, French. Her name is Mrs. Paulette, she has more than 30 years experiences and knowledge in the Beauty Industry. She is very friendly, kind, generous, and a true talented person. 
However, she is kind of strict when come to learning. For example, when she tells you to section the hair with STRAIGHT LINE, then you must STRAIGHT the LINE or else she won't let you go on until you reach your best skill. In the end, she wants us to learn e most of all and do good on the job that we will be doing later on. 
In addition, I'd been to different beauty school and read many reviews from others beauty schools online, so I guess I for sure know something that really important that you new student may not know is that it's hard to have a instructor or teacher to teach from her heart with beautiful mind. 

I'm consider myself lucky one to study with Mrs. Paulette after transferring to her school. I would highly recommend Paulette De Paris Beauty Academy to anyone who wants to become a professional in Beauty Industry. 

In conclusion, the school is very nice, cozy, private, clean, well equipped and VERY AFFORDABLE


Warm Regard
Heart Tran